The Art of NX-42

Angelwave Reference Sheet June 30, 2023 by Immelmann

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Born a demon named Joel Calley, its true nature was revealed later in its adult hood as an entity from the mysterious dimension known only as The Machine, a realm of infinite gears and mechanics. Angelwave was later coerced into the superhero business by a conditioning suit; its acclimation to the role of doing “good” in the world would eventually lead to it’s forced ascension to an angelic state. It now spends a lot of its time repairing and maintaining the temples of various gods.

Angelwave is a multi-body creature, meaning many different Angelwave entities simultaneously exist, all sharing a singular mind regardless of distance. New Angelwaves seem to “spawn” at random in the presence of old technology once it is sufficiently abandoned and forgotten, which explains Angel’s habit of appearing in abandoned malls and ghost towns.

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