The Art of NX-42

Adrian: The Metal Head’s Cuddly Secret May 24, 2017 by Immelmann

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You noticed it as you sat down behind him in class – for you, the unmistakable sight of white plastic barely peeking above the rim of his jeans. It was there only for an instant before the raccoon adjusted his shirt and tugged it down, no doubt an unconscious, paranoid motion. It was the same motion you’d caught yourself doing many times before while wearing diapers in public.

You are shocked as, when you look up from his pants, the raccoon’s green eyes are suddenly locked in a piercing stare with yours. His lips are curled into a subtle smirk. Later in the class, a chicken-scratch note appears on your desk, inviting you to the bathroom upon the class’s completion.

Adrian, the otherwise outwardly rough, pierced, “metal head” raccoon, is more than happy to show you his thick diaper. He’s noticed yours before, he says.

“Of course,” he says with a most mischievous smile, “if you tell anyone, I’ll fucking kill you.”

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