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Crowd Funded Pin-Up: Fox McCloud May 2, 2016 by Immelmann

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Keep an eye on this page for the most recent updates on funding!

This pin-up is now fully funded, including all alternate versions! Keep an eye on this website, or follow me on another art site linked from the top banner, to see the completed piece within the next couple weeks.

After the great success of my Sylveon pinup, I am doing another crowd-funded image! This time, in celebration of the release of Star Fox Zero, I am drawing furry celebrity Fox McCloud, shown here in a state of the art VR flight sim.

Reach the $80 goal and it will be a fully rendered image of Fox training in his normal flight suit. After that, if the money keeps coming, we’ll see him nude – and the VR training pod will take on a less professional purpose.

This time, there’s a twist to the funding. Once I hit my 100 goal, instead of barreling forward into further goals, I will let people fund the version of the image they most want to see completed.

More details on all the versions:
Alt 1: Gender Swap – A female and dickgirl version of the nude and zero suit Fox. In these images, the VR pod will seem to have a more hypnotic intent!
Alt 2: Hyper Dick Version – He’ll be nude and extra endowed, maybe like 3 feet long.
Alt 3: Diapered Sissy Hypnosis – The VR machine has turned into a hypnosis pod, and the dumb fox will be padded and dressed as a girl! This is only for the male version.

Because the donation bar site I used last time is basically useless, we will be skipping it and I will be doing things by hand (that’s how it wound up going last time anyways). So, to help see this drawing finished, please use the donation button below!

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