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Crowd Funded Pin-Up: Nicole at the Soft Serve Machine September 19, 2016 by Immelmann

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This has now been fully funded! A big thanks to everyone who pitched in.

It’s time for another crowd funded image! This time, I would like to re-draw an older image of Nicole in a much more modern, fully rendered style. The male skunk has been strapped down to a soft-serve ice cream machine and has no choice but to drink it down until he’s all bloated and fat.

Here’s the style you can expect if this image hits its $100 goal: (NSFW) (NSFW)

If it gets beyond that goal, a few fun alternate versions will be made:
$120: Nude Version (self explanatory)
$140: Swimsuit Version (a skin-tight one peice swimsuit for shiny, bulgey goodness)
$180: Pooltoy Version (Nicole will be transformed into a glossy rubber pooltoy, and the ice cream machine will instead be a hose of water, which we can watch pour in and bloat his shiny body up)

*Assuming the first tier is reached, all future pledges are non-refundable, even if further tiers are left unfulfilled.
*The high-resolution files of all finished versions will be freely and publicly available on my personal website.

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