The Art of NX-42


Here are some ideas I’ve been hoping to draw, if you’d like to use them as commission ideas. Inquire for more details on any ideas that catch your interest!

Topics I’d Like to Draw:

  • Transformation via Neopets Paintbrush
  • Cock Tongue
  • Titjobs
  • Seduced into becoming a statue
  • Someone’s face being squished under an udder
  • Sheath sewn shut for a permanently chaste bulge
  • Plushie Vore: a living plushie swallowing someone whole into their sleeping bag-like stomach.
  • Alien Bug Armor Fusion: someone putting on an alien set of insectoid armor, which fuses permanently to their body.
  • Gasmask Face Replacement Surgery: Your character has his face surgially replaced with a gasmask. We’d see him tied down and put to sleep. We’d then see some (non-bloody) surgical scenes, and then we see him waking up, feeling at his rubbery, transformed gasmask face.
  • Cerberus/Hydra TF: Two or three people forcefully fused into the same multiheaded body. Could feature brainwashing as their minds synch up.
  • using the old RB pokemon trading duplication glitch to turn one pokemon into another – essentially clone tf for anthro pokemon, featuring a body transformation and then a total mind rewrite
  • Vore Virus: a neurovirus that convinces the victim to try to get themselves eaten, thus trying to look seductive as they dress themselves up to be delicious

Character-Specific Ideas:

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