The Art of NX-42

Immelmann LIVE!

*Please no heavy roleplaying in the chat. The occasional hug or whatever is fine.
*Please do not interrupt while I’m talking to someone about a commission.
*Generally, don’t be rude or disruptive. It’s so easy to ban people from the Livestream chat.
*I have the right to refuse any commission for any reason!
Save us some time – the following things will not be drawn: Pregnancy, tickling, gore, excessive bodily fluids.
*Do not pay until I ask you to. I’ll first want to discuss what you’d like drawn.

Digital sketches: $25 per character
Max 2 characters per image!

Please scroll below the stream widget for the payment form, via PayPal.

Sketch Prices
Preferred Website

5 Responses to “Immelmann LIVE!”

  1. gwendolyn says:

    Its very well done and creative

  2. gmb2dog says:

    love your canines ;3

  3. Jimmy Fucks Alot says:


  4. Hahaha, damn I missed it… by a whole day.

    Oh… okay, oops! xD

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