The Art of NX-42

Pin-Up #1: Sylveon March 17, 2016 by Immelmann

Posted in Crowd Funding, Mature | Click on image for largest size.

This image has now been fully funded!


Refined Sketch Example
Flat Colors Example
Soft Shading Example
Alternate Version #1: Dickgirl, Cuntboy, Castrated, Nullo.
Alternate Version #2: Diaper
Alternate Version #3: Latex Suit

4 Responses to “Pin-Up #1: Sylveon”

  1. Dolphin42/Michael Ohara says:

    In the mood for squeaky bunnies so throws money st the problem ;)

  2. CemixV says:

    Aw, I didn’t see this till the funding was done. :( Are the versions going to end up public?

    • Immelmann says:

      Of course! More info was posted elsewhere, but yes, all versions will be freely available on this website.

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