The Art of NX-42

The Naga, Part 2 April 3, 2014 by Immelmann

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Security Log:
The night’s security post has reported that the subject has entered a state of transformation. Internal scanners detect long-rang psychic influence, but we are unable to match the frequency and thus unable to block it. Management has urged us not to interfere, in case a sudden break in psychic connection disrupts the raptor’s mind. The entire level has been evacuated and locked down to prevent mental contamination.


One Response to “The Naga, Part 2”

  1. EmmetEarwax says:

    Immelmann, you wrote some Lovecraftian stories like “Order of the Black Dog”.

    In the current one, “underground” your crew is exploring deep tunnels under a facility.Finally panicked after seeing some troglodyte monsters. It suggests one or two slide shows on the ‘net’s home page of abandoned tunnels (missile silo for one) explored- until the venturers panicked and returned. Stalactites, deep holes in the floor, collapsed areas… These deathtraps should be sealed with concrete after being totally searched for loiterers. It also suggests the pits & tunnels in “Case of Charles Dexter Ward”.

    I am writing here, because you blocked me in InkBunny and I do not know why …

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